Our talented tax professionals are committed to ensuring that your business remains healthy and competitive. Our team will work for you to develop the most creative and innovative strategies to maximize your tax position while certifying that all legal and compliance requirements are met. Whether you require personal or corporate taxation services, we offer skill and expertise in the following specialized areas:


The recent trend of decreasing income tax rates has prompted cash-strapped governments to implement a plethora of new taxes, levies, charges or contributions in order to replace the lost income tax revenues. As a result, complying with these laws requires much more effort, time and knowledge, and the risks related to non-compliance have increased significantly. In many cases, the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. At Nexia Friedman, all tax returns, forms and documents are reviewed by highly qualified professionals to ensure that all relevant laws and regulations are complied with and that these penalties are avoided.

Corporate Reorganizations

When a corporate group goes through a reorganization, income taxes can often be reduced or deferred. Our professionals will prioritize your company’s business objectives and will find solutions that address these needs, including through the use of holding companies, trusts and partnerships to maximize the benefits to the business.

Commodity Tax Planning

Nexia Friedman’s tax professionals have extensive experience in the increasingly complex area of commodity taxation. With a deep understanding and knowledge of the laws, regulations and government policies on federal and provincial sales tax, including the goods and services tax (GST) and the harmonized sales tax (HST), as well as other consumption taxes across Canada, we can ensure compliance and optimal results for our clients.

Cross-Border Planning & Transfer Pricing

We are always here to offer solid business advice and to guide our clients in arranging their business affairs to minimize the tax implications. We provide international tax planning services with a strong emphasis in the area of Canada-U.S. cross-border transactions and transfer pricing. This includes reviews and recommendations for appropriate measures to optimize the benefits for our clients involved in cross-border transactions.

Research & Development

Canada offers some of the most generous R&D tax incentives among industrialized nations and, within this country, Quebec is the leading provider of these incentives. Our goal at Nexia Friedman is to identify and capitalize on a corporation’s qualifying R&D activities, in some cases recouping in excess of 50% of costs. Our experts have become adept at facilitating the process and ensuring that our clients are benefiting from all eligible activities and maximizing the claims they are entitled to.

Investment Planning

When making an investment, there are many significant factors to consider, including the merits of the investment itself and differing tax treatments of various types of investments. Our dedicated team at Nexia Friedman will explore and explain all options to you, ensuring that you benefit from the maximum after-tax return.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is often a difficult and sensitive subject. Nexia Friedman’s tax professionals work with our clients to gain an understanding of their objectives and the various family dynamics that may affect the outcome of their goals. This type of planning may include, among other things, sound and imaginative Will planning, as well as the use of trusts.

Nexia Friedman tax professionals also work with the family of the decedent at managing the efficient transfer of property from the decedent to the estate and ultimately to the heirs.  The objective is always to ease the burden of the family with a view toward the minimization of taxation and other costs.

International Tax Planning

Nexia Friedman tax professionals specialize in assisting foreign individuals and companies with the setup, maintenance and growth of their Canadian investments and business activities. We are highly experienced in dealing with many of the issues relating to this area, such as withholding tax, commodity tax and reporting requirements. In addition, through our relationship with Nexia International’s network of tax professionals in over 100 countries worldwide, we are able to provide our clients with timely and accurate planning and compliance services for their forays into the international market.

Transaction Tax Planning

When a client is acquiring, merging or selling a business, there are often major tax and cash flow considerations. The Nexia Friedman tax professionals and merger and acquisition specialists work closely together to establish structures that meet the financing and tax needs of our clients. We study all significant factors in transactional tax planning to help our clients make the most effective decisions to maximize the investment’s bottom-line return.