Working here

Working here

Let your goals guide you

Nexia Friedman recognizes that the talent and achievements of our team members are what makes us successful as a firm. We strive to recruit motivated people with a desire to pursue their professional and personal goals in a team-oriented environment. The size and culture of our firm allow us to take a personal interest in each individual’s career development. At Nexia Friedman, you are not just a number.

Grab a seat and get to know us better. Learn what makes us tick, what we’re looking for, and why joining our firm could be the best decision you ever make.

Corporate culture

A win-win working environment.

At Nexia Friedman, we go out of our way to create a stimulating and professional environment for all of our staff. Practical experience is key, and that’s why you’ll jump in on all types of mandates, including audits, reviews and compilation engagements. You will begin your career in audit, but later on, after you receive your designation, you can transfer to another department. For us, this is a win-win situation. Plus, unlike other firms, everyone in the audit department works on both personal and corporate tax. This ensures that we are well-rounded professionals.

Communication is also immensely important. Our main objective is to help you grow professionally. Expect a formal evaluation once a year to review your technical and overall work skills, and informal reviews throughout the year to provide you with the constructive feedback you require.

Life at the firm

Beyond crunching numbers.

Fun is always part of the equation at Nexia Friedman. Past team bonding outings have included curling, snowshoeing, and bowling in the winter, and an annual summertime sports day. These events are always followed by a dinner where people can sit, relax and socialize with other members of our firm.

You’ll also look forward to our:

  • Office Christmas party
  • Spring Networking event
  • End-of-tax-season lunch
  • Close of Summer Program
Flexibility at work

Understanding the work-life balance.

As part of our dynamic culture, Nexia Friedman has developed a flexible work schedule that caters to both our students and our experienced staff members. Our philosophy allows us greater flexibility with our employees. What’s more, when it comes to work-life balance, you’ll quickly see that we do things differently.

Strong academic performance and current professional skills are high on our list. School is a priority, and we make allowances accordingly, such as days to study for exams. Plus, students who have worked a summer with us can work one day a week in between their 2nd and 3rd year of undergrad. That’s pretty exclusive in our industry.

We never abuse overtime. If we ask you to stay, it’s for good reason. Staff also have the option to work part-time in order to accommodate personal lives, such as raising children or caring for family members. We believe it is possible to be challenged professionally AND live a balanced life.

A place to grow

Achieve your maximum potential.

Nexia Friedman strives to provide an environment in which individuals can achieve their maximum potential and maintain the highest professional standards. To meet this objective, we offer diverse and comprehensive formal and informal training programs.

On the job training is a vital part of your education and career. Almost immediately, you will dive into practical training, building a file from the beginning to the end. All the nitty gritty of it. What’s more, our staff regularly participates in seminars and workshops to complement and increase knowledge and skills.

When it’s time to talk career advancement, we treat all our staff as individuals. You’ll have the freedom to advance at your own pace, and high achievers will be given the opportunity to move up faster within our firm. Just another unique philosophy that we are extremely proud of.